The vice chairperson of a gay and lesbian resource centre project in Galway has said she is sad and disappointed at what she described as discriminatory comments of the Bishop of Galway - who has questioned an allocation of €45,000 from St Vincent de Paul to the new centre.

Dr Martin Drennan criticised the "moral judgement" behind a decision to allocate the money to the Amach! lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender group in the city.

Amach! LGBT vice chairperson Nuala Ward said the bishop's comments summed up why gay and lesbian people were often the subject of abuse at the hands of some in society and questioned how the comments could be made.

Bishop Drennan claims the reputation of the SVP has been put in question by the allocation of the money.

However, in a statement the St Vincent de Paul society pointed out the funding was coming from a totally separate fund from its day-to-day activities and had not been collected on the streets of the county.

SVP says the decision to help Amach! was made purely on the basis of need and in a non-judgemental way.