A contempt of court application by Greyhound Recycling over protests at its Clondalkin plant in Dublin has been adjourned until next Tuesday.

Greyhound Recycling has claimed there have been a number of breaches of the High Court injunction it obtained restraining protesters from blockading and interfering with the company's waste collection.

The defendants, including workers and some public representatives, have been given until Monday evening to file sworn statements in reply to the allegations.

A protest took place outside the High Court today before the case was called.

The company and its workers are currently involved in a lengthy industrial dispute over pay cuts. 

Workers, as well as their families and supporters, have been picketing the Greyhound recycling and recovery plant in Clondalkin since June.

Greyhound obtained orders last month against those involved in the pickets and protests restraining them from unlawful picketing.

Lawyers for Greyhound had told the High Court on Wednesday that there had been incidents on Tuesday and Wednesday of this week which the company says amounted to a breach of the injunction and resulted in 15,000 bins remaining uncollected.