A 72-year-man, born in Co Tyrone, today told Northern Ireland's Historical Abuse Inquiry, that he was abused in an Australian institution run by the Presbyterian Church.

He was sent there under a child migrant scheme. 

The witness told how he was waiting for his brother in Ireland to join him, but changed his mind, because he did not want him to endure a similar horrific experience.

Since the public sessions of this inquiry started, the former residents giving evidence have been from Catholic Institutions.

The man who gave evidence by video link from Australia was born to a single mother in Co Tyrone in 1952.

She died of ill health and with his brother and sister he was taken into care.

Aged eight he was selected for the Australian scheme.

He told of being frightened when put into a boxing ring to fight as part of the entertainment during the ship's passage to Australia.

The authorities in Tyrone tried to track how he was being treated during his 11 years in the Australian home but each time received assurances he was fine.

When asked what he now wanted, the man said down the video link "I could give you a highfalutin answer. But I want to be compensated," he said.