Two organisations that support foreign students here have expressed concern for the welfare of students affected by the closure of English language schools.

Following yesterday's publication of new regulations for the sector, the Migrant Rights Centre has said students have not been offered enough protections. 

The Irish Council for Overseas Students has said more colleges will now close and the fall-out from those closures must be well-managed.

Both of these organisations welcome the measures announced yesterday by Government to regulate schools and enforce compliance. 

They say rogue colleges must be weeded out but both express concern at the impact of all this on students. 

ICOS says further college closures will mean the displacement of hundreds more young foreign students. 

It says they will need support and clear information. 

The MRCI has criticised the lack of protection offered to students in this position, many of whom lost fees they had paid as a result. 

It said it was appalling that a Government taskforce had not addressed this issue. 

The MRCI said closures put students at risk of losing their immigration status and it said the contribution those foreign students made to Irish society was often not acknowledged or valued.