A teenage girl with acute behavioural and psychiatric problems is to be admitted involuntarily to a psychiatric hospital today, the High Court has heard.

The girl's mother had gone to the High Court asking for the Health Service Executive director of Mental Health Services to be called before the court if progress was not made in finding a bed for her daughter.

The court was previously told that her case was "a tragedy waiting to happen" and that her health, safety and welfare were in peril.

The girl has a number of severe behavioural and psychiatric problems including refusing to eat food prepared by others, refusing to use a toilet or sleep in a bed.

She is regarded as a danger to herself and others and had attacked staff at the residential unit where she was being cared for.

She had also absconded a number of times.

Last week the court heard there was no bed for the teenager in a psychiatric unit and she would have to remain in a non-secure residential unit until one was found.

The girl's mother had asked the High Court to call the HSE Director of Mental Health Services before the court if progress was not made.

The application was supported by the girl's court-appointed guardian.

This morning the court was told the girl's condition had further deteriorated but that progress had been made in finding a bed in a psychiatric hospital.

The case was adjourned at the High Court to allow time for a District Court order to be made admitting the girl to hospital under the Mental Health Act on the application of the HSE.

This afternoon Mr Justice Kevin Cook was told arrangements  were now in place to move the girl to hospital.

The judge said he hoped everything goes well and said he was grateful to all parties for the efforts that were made in "a very difficult situation".

Counsel for the HSE said Acting Director of Mental Health Services Jim Ryan had gone to great lengths to secure the placement.

She said it was an extremely difficult situation and all the care staff had done their best to keep the girl safe in the past number of days.