A Medical Council inquiry into a case involving a consultant obstetrician and gynaecologist and his treatment of a woman with a condition that causes fallopian tubes to be blocked, has been adjourned.

Dr Declan Egan from Chestnut Lane, Dangan, in Galway is facing one allegation of poor professional performance, over his clipping of both fallopian tubes in the case of Lorna McKeogh in June 2010.

At the fitness to practice inquiry today, JP McDowell, solicitor for the Medical Council CEO, said he had only learned this morning that Ms McKeogh may have undergone a further procedure in May at the Rotunda Hospital to reverse a clipping of the left fallopian tube.

He said that procedure may be relevant to Dr Egan's clipping in 2010.

He said the medical records should be procured of the procedure this year, so that all parties could see them.

Mr McDowell also said lawyers for Dr Egan will want to see records of any other IVF treatment provided.

On that basis, he sought an adjournment.

Eileen Barrington, barrister for Dr Egan, said it was most unsatisfactory that an issue had arisen at this late point, given preliminary proceedings in the case started last January.

Ms Barrington said it was with great regret that she could not oppose the application to adjourn the case.

She said she would need to see all the medical records in the case from the Rotunda Hospital.

The fitness to practice committee adjourned the case to January 2015.