The Grandmothers of the Plaza de Mayo have found the granddaughter of one of the deceased founders of the group.

The human rights group find children who were kidnapped under Argentina's dictatorship between 1976 and 1983.

At a Buenos Aires news conference, Grandmothers' leader Estela de Carlotto told media that Ana Libertad, a grandchild of one of its first leaders, Alicia Zubasnabar de la Cuadra, was found. 

Ms Libertad was born in 1977 while Ms Zubasnabar de la Cuadra's daughter Elena was being held in a clandestine torture cell. 

Elena was pregnant five months when she was kidnapped. 

From survivor testimonies it is known that on 16 July 1977 she gave birth in detention in the Fifth Station of La Plata.

She gave birth to a girl called Ana Libertad, who today has rediscovered her identity, said Ms de Carlotto.   

The baby was immediately taken from her mother, who was killed, and given another identity.

This was a common practice during the country's brutal 1976 - 1983 dictatorship where close to 30,000 Argentines were kidnapped, tortured and assassinated.

Ms Zubasnabar de la Cuadra passed away in 2008 without having met her granddaughter. 

The Grandmothers said Ms de la Cuadra was always present, hard working, a founder, all that you want in a mother, a grandmother.

She (Ana Libertad) will find herself in a nice family, added Ms de Carlotto.  

The announcement comes just weeks after Ms de Carlotto announced she had found her own grandchild after a 35-year-search.

The Grandmothers of the Plaza de Mayo have been able to recover 115 children whose parents were disappeared by members of the dictatorship.