The HSE has published the Terms of Reference and the four members of the internal review team will examine the care of a young woman who had her pregnancy ended prematurely in controversial circumstances.

The team will establish all of the factual circumstances and the chain of communication between different service providers.

The time period to be covered by the review will be from the time that "Miss Y" first had contact with HSE and related services or other agencies regarding her pregnancy, until the time that her pregnancy was ended by Caesarean section.

The HSE is to cover costs of legal representation for Miss Y in the review.

The membership of the reporting team is: Dr Philip Crowley from the HSE (Chairperson), Catriona Molloy from Patient Focus, Alice O'Flynn, an Independent Consultant and formerly from the HSE and Mick Brophy, former Senior Investigator in the Office of the Ombudsman.

The team is to report in the shortest period possible, provided unforeseen circumstances do not arise.

The young woman says she was raped and became suicidal and sought an abortion in the early stages of pregnancy.

Earlier this month, three consultants certified that a termination of pregnancy should take place, with the baby being delivered early by Caesearean section at around 25 weeks.

The clinical decisions around certification under the law will not be examined in the review.

The baby remains in intensive care in hospital and the woman is receiving psychiatric care in the community.

Pro-life vigil held outside Dáil

About 250 people gathered outside the Dáil for a vigil organised by the Pro-Life Campaign.

Campaigners said they wanted to show solidarity with the young woman who says she requested an abortion after being raped, but later gave birth to a baby by Caesarean section.

Pro-life campaigners claim the woman's case is being manipulated by pro-choice groups who want Ireland's abortion legislation expanded.

Another pro-life vigil is due to take place in Dublin tomorrow. 

Pro-choice campaigners will also be holding a rally in the capital, where they will be calling for the Government to hold another abortion referendum.