British millionaire businessman, Shrien Dewani, who is suspected of the honeymoon murder of his wife is fit to stand trial, a Cape Town court has ruled.

"The draft handed in by the state is hereby made an order of the court," said Judge John Hlophe after receiving an expert assessment that stated Mr Dewani was not mentally ill.

The trial is set for 6 October.

Ms Dewani died when she was shot in the neck as the couple travelled in a taxi on the outskirts of Cape Town in November 2010.

Mr Dewani, from Bristol, is accused of paying three men to kill her during the couple's honeymoon, which he denies.

Ms Dewani's sister Ami Denborg said: "It's a relief for all of us. We've been waiting quite a long time for this.

"I know this autumn is going to be tough for us but we still want the trial to start so that we can get the information we need, we can get to know what really happened.

"It feels like we're moving forward. It's still a long way to go but at least we're taking steps in the right direction, and this feels like a huge step in the right direction."