A Dublin councillor has been ordered by the High Court to stop blockading Greyhound vehicles and to stop acting in a threatening manner. 

Greyhound secured the injunction this afternoon against Gino Kenny, a People Before Profit councillor for Clondalkin. 

Mr Justice Garrett Sheehan said it was clear Mr Kenny had knowingly and unlawfully engaged in blockading vehicles. 

Greyhound's case for a wider order against SIPTU, some Greyhound workers and others was adjourned until Thursday. 

The court was shown a DVD from 28 July purporting to show Mr Kenny protesting at the Greyhound facility in Clondalkin. 

Lawyers for Greyhound said Mr Kenny was shown stopping the progress of a bin truck as it attempted to access the facility.

Louis McEntagart BL said Mr Kenny was arrested and was seen being dragged away by gardaí. 

He also said the video showed a three or four year-old child being placed in front of the truck.

Greyhound says it does not have an issue with peaceful picketing.

It says it is concerned with what it calls illegal blockading. 

Mr McEntagart was refused a request that today's order be made binding on SIPTU and around 60 Greyhound workers named in the proceedings. 

Richard Keane SC for SIPTU said they needed more time to file their response. However he said SIPTU members had only engaged in lawful protests. 

A protest supporting workers was held outside the High Court today.

The bitter pay dispute at the company has been going on for nearly two months.