A report by the Health Information and Quality Authority had found that a care centre in Cork for people with disabilities was generally unclean throughout and there were inadequate fire safety practices.

Inspectors found that Grove House Centre did not have an adequate level of compliance with the 2007 Health Act.

The centre looks after up to 30 adults with disabilities and is operated by the Health Service Executive.

HIQA carried out an announced inspection of the facility in March of this year.

It found that there were inadequate fire safety practices and all exits including emergency exits were locked. Access was only through keys that were held by staff members.

It also found that shower and toilet facilities were of poor quality and did not support the privacy and dignity of the residents.

Showers and baths were dirty, and wash-hand basins were unclean.

It found too that infection prevention and control practices were poor and there were an inadequate number of wash-hand basins available for staff.

Training records showed that not all staff had completed mandatory training in manual handling and lifting techniques.

The centre is also heavily reliant on staff working overtime and on agency staff. On the first day of the inspection, four of the nine nurses on duty were from an agency.

Grove House Centre has submitted a plan to HIQA as to how it will address the issue raised.

The authority said the centre will be subject to further regulatory activity.

HSE South Operations Manager Greta Crowley said the HSE had addressed the issues raised by the report.

Speaking on RTÉ's News at One, she said: "We have been actively implementing our action plan. Of course, we addressed the hygiene issues and the cleanliness issues.

"We have introduced more supervision of the cleaning regime and enhanced the cleaning staff.

"In terms of the fire safety reports, we had completed an audit. Any deficits in relation to fire safety we would have addressed."

Ms Crowley said that it remained the case that keys were only held by staff members, but she said this was in the best interests of the residents of the house and the HSE was satisfied that it would be able to evacuate the building safely.