Private motorists could lose on-street parking spaces following new legislation which allows areas to be reserved for car club members.

Go Car is the only such car sharing scheme operating in the country at present with 2,000 members using 64 vehicles based in Dublin and 6 in Cork.

After its first year in operation the company says it has 2,000 members who made 15,000 trips, with the average journey lasting two and a half hours and costing €19.

It also says that 300 members have sold their cars as a result of joining the scheme.

Colm Brady, MD of Go Car, says international statistics show that each shared car can take up to 30 private vehicle off the road per day, which frees up traffic and parking spaces.

He says the company could expand to a fleet of 200 vehicles if local councils avail of recently passed legislation that would designate on-street spaces for car club members.

Dublin City Council are considering the proposal, which would initially involve up to 20 spaces in the city centre.

The Council's Director of Traffic Michael Philips says there are concerns about also providing spaces for other companies that enter the market in the future.

Go Car has a deal which allows them to pay for just an hour and a half of parking for a whole day, allowing them to provide free on-street parking in the city for its members.