Batches of a drug used in Ireland to treat epilepsy seizures are being recalled from pharmacies as a precautionary measure, the Health Products Regulatory Authority has confirmed.

The recall concerns Buccolam Oromucosal Solution, a prescription-only medicine administered in the side of the mouth in pre-filled syringes to children and adults.

The makers ViroPharma SPRL have issued batch numbers for the products concerned.

The precautionary move follows a routine inspection of the company's manufacturing site in the UK, which identified the possibility for chemical contamination.

However, no evidence of contamination has been identified within Buccolam Oromucosal Solution on the market.

Pharmacists are being asked to quarantine any of the batches listed.

The HPRA, formerly the Irish Medicines Board, said that no safety or quality issues have been identified in any of the batches released onto the market and that the recall only applies to packs at pharmacy level.

It said that patients do not have to return packs to their pharmacy and can continue taking their medicine.