Two men were arrested this morning after gardaí carried out searches in Tipperary and Offaly as part of an investigation into drug dealing and other serious crime.

More than 50 gardaí, including the armed officers from the Regional Support Unit and the Divisional Drugs Unit, were involved in the operation in Roscrea and Birr.

Gardaí used a Taser on one person during one of the searches, while another person was taken to hospital following a suspected heart attack.

The two men, who were arrested for obstructing the searches, have both been released from custody.

Gardaí said the raids were planned before Monday's meeting in Roscrea, where more than 1,000 people gathered to discuss the problems of drug dealing and youth suicide in the town.

The organisers of the meeting said they want an additional garda presence along with an educational programme on the dangers of drugs.