Three teenagers, two of them brothers, who were involved in an unprovoked and particularly violent assault on two men have been sentenced to seven years in prison.

19-year-old Roman Hriko and his 18-year-old brother Miroslav Hriko of 8 Market Court, Meane Street, Tralee, and 18-year-old David Harak of Hawthorn Drive, Monavalley, Tralee, admitted seriously assaulting the two men on 26 August 2012 in Tralee.

The two brothers were aged 17 and 16 at the time of the assault.

The two victims, one a 61-year-old man, were returning home by taxi from a family event when they were assaulted by the three.

The two victims were kicked and punched in an unprovoked attack in which a great level of violence was used.

The attack has meant life changing consequences for one of the victims who lost the sight in one of his eyes and will need medical attention for the rest of his life.

The second man suffered a fractured jaw and an injury to his cheek.

The girlfriends of some of the accused men voluntarily gave statements to gardaí as they were so shocked by the level of violence used.

Limerick Circuit Court heard that the three had been drinking at a party previously and had consumed an amount of whiskey, and had been asked to leave.

In sentencing the men Judge Carroll Moran said this offence was at the upper end of the scale, and the level of violence used had had a traumatic effect on the victims.

He also took into account the unprovoked nature of the attack - the circumstances were so immediate that there had been no words exchanged between the assailants and the victims before the assault took place.

He said young people have to take responsibility for what they do and what they drink and the consequences of their behaviour when drunk.

He imposed a seven year sentence on the three men for the assault on the 61-year-old victim and a further three year jail term for the assault of the second victim, with both sentences to run concurrently.