The funeral is taking place in Co Sligo of brothers Brandon and Shane Michael Skeffington who died on Sunday night.

The remains of nine-year-old Brandon and his 20-year-old brother were brought to St Attracta’s Church in Tourlestrane from their family home in Banada.

In his homily, Fr John Glynn said the brothers were great buddies and would head off together sometimes.

On one journey they bought a ball which they would play together with, he said.

That ball and a transformer toy which belonged to Brandon were brought to the church to represent both brothers, Fr Glynn told mourners.

He said Brandon and Shane Michael died and "we really don't know much more".

"What will we learn from this?" he asked. "Possibly, as usual very little".

The brothers will be buried together following funeral mass at Rhue Cemetery in Tubbercurry.