Since 1967, hundreds of people have been killed in 19 separate incidents involving live-fire attacks on commercial planes, according to UK-based aviation consultancy Flightglobal Ascend.

It keeps a detailed database of aircraft accidents.

The most recent attack was in January 1999 when a Lockheed Hercules plane operated by TransAfrik was reportedly shot down near Bailundo in Angola, killing all nine passengers and crew on board.

The five most deadly incidents left a combined 838 people dead.  

IRAN AIR, 1988

En route from Bandar Abbas to Dubai, Iran Air flight 655 was shot down by a US warship off the coast of Iran, killing all 290 on board.

The US Navy said it had mistaken the Airbus A300 for a hostile Iranian Air Force F-14 fighter jet.

The US paid Iran $101.8m in compensation.


A Korean Air Boeing 747 was intercepted and forced down by Soviet fighters after straying into Soviet airspace on a flight from Anchorage, Alaska, to Seoul in South Korea.

All 269 passengers and crew were killed.


On its final approach to land, a Tupolev Tu-154 plane operated by Air Georgia was reportedly shot down by a heat-seeking missile in the disputed Georgian territory of Abkhazia.

The aircraft crashed onto the runway and caught fire, killing 108 of the 132 passengers and crew on board.

The flight was believed to have been chartered by the Georgian Defence Ministry to transport soldiers to assist in fighting around the Abkhazian capital of Sukhumi.

LIBYAN AIRLINES, 1973             

The black box and instruments recovered from the wreckage of a Libyan jet shot down in the Sinai Desert by Israeli jet fighters

After being intercepted and fired upon by the Israeli Air Force, a Libyan Airlines Boeing 727 was destroyed during an attempted forced landing.

The flight had strayed into Israeli airspace due to a navigation error and crashed in the Sinai Desert, 150km northeast of Cairo, killing 106 of the 113 onboard.             


Shortly after taking off from Malakal in South Sudan, a Sudan Airways Fokker F-27 was reportedly shot down by the Sudanese "People's Liberation Army", killing all 65 passengers and crew on board.