A Garda detective sergeant has been awarded the costs of his successful High Court application to stop his transfer from a unit investigating unresolved murders to one dealing with stolen vehicles.

Detective Sergeant Michael Buckley, who is attached to the Serious Crime Review Team, a unit which investigates unresolved "cold case" crimes, got an injunction in April last year preventing his transfer.

He claimed he was being transferred to the Motor Vehicle Investigation Unit because he had made allegations of bullying and harassment against senior members of the force.

The court heard today that there was no longer any need for the injunction as a Senior Counsel had conducted an internal inquiry into the matter, and Sergeant Buckley is to remain in the serious crime unit.

The hearing was due to take place today, however lawyers for Sergeant Buckley said they had received a letter from the Garda authorities notifying them that they did not intend to proceed with the transfer.

Mr Justice Paul Gilligan awarded Sergeant Buckley the costs of the injunction proceedings.