Residents in North Mayo have been presented with proposals to put high powered electricity lines underground for the first time. 

As part a public consultation for the new Grid West infrastructure, villagers in Moygownagh were shown both an option for underground or aerial lines, which will run from north Mayo to Flagford Co Roscommon.

Grid West designers have carried out a comprehensive analysis of both options and published emerging preferred routes for both underground and aerial designs.

However, residents in North Mayo remain opposed to the new grid west project because they claim there is absolutely no need to impose the infrastructure on the community.

Eddie Farrell from the residents group in Moygownagh said the only reason the Grid West project was going in was to support two wind farms which residents claim are no longer required in the area.

Both of the options presented by Eirgrid today will be submitted to the Government Independent Expert Panel, who will review all the options.

The final decision on the project is not expected until 2015.