The mother of a six-year-old boy who was shot earlier this month has said the shooting was horrific and changed his life forever.

Gillian Scully, mother of Seán, said he is in a wheelchair and will not be able to walk for some years, although they are hopeful he will be able to take some steps eventually. 

She said it would be a long road with intense rehab and her son would suffer for a long time.

Speaking on RTÉ's Liveline, Ms Scully said Seán also has to wear nappies and does not sleep well as he has nightmares and flashbacks.

On 13 June, Seán was playing on a green area metres from his home in Ballyfermot in Dublin. 

He was shot in the neck in what gardaí believe was an accident as the gunman was looking for someone else.

Ms Scully said Seán asked what had happened and she had told him it was a boy "messing with a pellet gun". 

She wanted to make it clear to him that it was not his fault and it was an accident.

She said he hated the wheelchair but he was coming around to it and he asked why he had to wear a nappy and was embarrassed by it. 

The bullet damaged nerves in his neck and he has no feeling from the chest down and his bowel and bladder were affected. 

However, his mother said he still has his personality and he still laughs.

Seán is being treated in Crumlin Children's Hospital. 

He was operated on two days after the attack.

The family have been told they will have to get a special car and must get their home adapted including a special mattress and a hospital bed.

Ms Scully has quit her part-time job to look after Seán full time.  Her husband, Karl, has only just gone back to work after the shooting.

The only person arrested in connection with the shooting was a man questioned on suspicion of withholding information.

Ms Scully said the attack was not on her, her husband or Seán.  She said whomever was responsible should come forward. She said they should put their hands up rather than run away.