The former Anglo Irish Bank wants to use computers to review millions of documents disclosed as part of its legal battle with the family of Seán Quinn.

It would be the first time for such technology to be used in a court case in this jurisdiction.

The Irish Bank Resolution Corporation, which is now in liquidation, alleges that members of Mr Quinn's family and others have been engaged in a conspiracy to put international property assets out of the reach of the bank.

The Commercial Court was told today that 1.7 million electronic documents and 160,000 hard copy documents have been identified by the bank as being potentially relevant to its legal action.

It wants to use a process called "technology assisted review" to review the documents.

Reviewing them manually could take two years, the bank says.

Lawyers for the Quinns asked for an adjournment to consider the matter.

Mr Justice Peter Kelly adjourned the case for two weeks.

He said this form of technical assistance had not been the subject of consideration by the courts in this jurisdiction to date.

He did not prevent the bank from beginning the process in the meantime.