A branch of the Garda Representative Association has called for all details surrounding the alleged surveillance of the offices of the Garda Síochána Ombudsman Commission to be published.

GRA spokesman Damien McCarthy said the association has discussed the findings of the Cooke report and concluded that GSOC'S investigative process and procedures are flawed and amount to a neglect of duty.

Speaking on RTÉ's Today with Sean O'Rourke, he said gardaí are "appalled" at the manner in which the investigation was carried out. 

He said questions remain unanswered about findings in the report, in particular the details surrounding the alleged surveillance of GSOC offices.

Mr McCarthy's comments come as some members of the GRA are proposing a motion of no confidence in the three Commissioners of GSOC - Simon O'Brien, Kieran Fitzgerald and Carmel Foley.

They say the officials should step down from their positions with immediate effect.

Mr McCarthy said evidence of surveillance referred to in the Cooke report should be published, and GSOC officials should have been asked to disclose this when questioned by an Oireachtas Committee.

He said: "They were asked specifically was there was internal or external surveillance and we've now discovered as a result of Mr Cooke's investigations that there were white vans parked outside the ombudsman’s office, there were men inside a coffee shop in close proximity allegedly surveilling the building. 

“Did anyone ask who was in that van? Was CCTV footage stored, secured and viewed? Most bizarrely two investigators who were in Dublin airport in a secure location were allegedly photographed by somebody surveilling them."

"These are glaringly obvious questions that haven't been answered and throughout a number of hours when the entire commission were present at an Oireachtas committee, there was no mention of the issues of surveillance when they were asked specifically. 

“Simon O'Brien was asked 'Was the building under surveillance' and no definitive evidence.  Quite clearly from Mr Cooke's report there was evidence but what was done that evidence? Its clear there was nothing done."