The High Court has granted a temporary injunction preventing Irish Water from installing a water meter at a Co Meath home after a resident claimed the containers used to house the meters are inferior.

Tony Rochford, from Steeple Manor in Trim, claims the material used to contain the water meter is inferior and unsafe.

He claims the plastic boxes for the meters could cause injury or damage.

This morning the High Court granted temporary injuctions preventing Irish Water from entering his property or installing the water meter or its plastic casing.

In a sworn statement submitted to the High Court today Mr Rochford claims to have read newspaper articles and carried out further investigations about the component parts of the water meters including the casing.

He claims the cover or container is not fit for purpose and does not meet the required standards.

He also claims the Department of the Environment issues a circular advising of the "potential for safety risks which may result in personal injury and/or damage to vehicles".

Mr Rochford must now notify Irish Water of his High Court action. The case will return to court on 23 June.

Yesterday, Mr Rochford was fined €60 at Trim District Court after he pleaded guilty to obstructing the road near his home on 27 May.

The court was told he used to vehicles to block the road out of frustration at the lack of action by the authorities to tackle water contamination problems.