The jury in the trial of a man accused of killing another man by knocking him under a bus in Dublin has retired to consider its verdict.

Edward Connors, 30, of no fixed abode and formerly of Bearna Park, Sandyford, is alleged to have punched Eoghan Dudley on Dawson Street on 6 December 2012 causing him to fall under the bus.

The jury has heard that the issue it must decide is whether Mr Connors hit Mr Dudley and whether this caused his death.

The accused, who is deaf, admits meeting the 28-year-old, but claims that what looks like a punch on CCTV footage is actually him trying to grab Mr Dudley to stop him falling off the path and going under the bus.

Mr Connors has pleaded not guilty at Dublin Circuit Criminal Court to unlawfully killing Mr Dudley.

The prosecution says the main evidence against him is the seven eye-witness accounts from people who saw the incident and extensive CCTV footage of the moments Mr Dudley was killed.

Both the accused and the victim were heroin users and had the drug in their system at the time.

Defence counsel Caroline Biggs asked the jury to examine the circumstances in which the witnesses saw the incident and told them that "perception can be wrong".

She said one witness, a bus driver, was concentrating on driving his bus at the time meaning he could only have caught glimpses of the incident and "couldn't possibly have caught the full picture".

She said another witness admitted in cross examination that he could not be sure if what he saw was a punch or a grab.