Rape Crisis Midwest says it will have to temporarily close its services in Nenagh and Ennis for a month and run just a skeleton service at their offices in Limerick due to a funding crisis.

The Director of the Service Miriam Duffy said the organisation is facing a €120,000 shortfall this year as a result of the cumulative effect of cutbacks in their statutory funding over the past six years.

 As a result they have taken the decision to close their service in Nenagh for the month of August, and in Ennis for the month of September as staff take unpaid leave.

The service will also be down to a skeleton staff in Limerick as they stagger unpaid leave across staff.

The group employs 8 people across the three offices.

The service to provide confidential counselling services to male and female survivors of rape and sexual abuse has been operating in the Midwest region for 32 years.

Ms Duffy said it was absolutely devastating to have to cut back on services, but they had no choice. 

The service deals with about 200 clients every year across the three centres.

They hope to be able to continue the 24 hour on call service for victims of rape and abuse in which counsellors meet with victims and help they through the initial process of their attack or abuse.