The jury in the murder trial of nanny Aoife Phelan has been shown CCTV footage of a truck dumping what appears to be gravel at the site where her body was found.

Robert Corbet of Sheffield Cross, Portlaoise admits killing the 30-year-old but denies her murder on a date between 25 October and 7 November 2012.

Garda Paul Wilson told the court the footage was obtained from a CCTV camera in Mr Corbet’s yard on the morning after Aoife Phelan disappeared.

Garda Wilson said the footage shows a lorry reversing to a point on the map marked "body".

He said it seems to have a load of filling gravel.

A number of CCTV clips have been shown to the jury of Robert Corbet’s movements on the evening Ms Phelan disappeared and the following day.

Earlier the jury was told Mr Corbet brought gardaí on a wild goose chase after agreeing to show them where he killed her and dumped her body.

He told detectives he drove around with her slumped in the passenger seat before dumping her body in a river.

Today defence counsel Conor Devally told the jury that this was a "voyage of fiction" and something of a wild goose chase saying it is now known that Aoife Phelan met her end on Mr Corbet’s land and property.