A receiver appointed over assets belonging to Sean Quinn's family, wants to know why a laptop given to him by one of Mr Quinn's sons in law, was wiped of all data.

Lawyers for the receiver, Declan Taite, told the Commercial Court, they needed more time to examine an explanation from Stephen Kelly who is married to Aoife Quinn.

The court heard every single part of the laptop's hard drive was overwritten with the letter "w".

The laptop was one of two computers provided by Mr Kelly to solicitors for Mr Taite as part of an agreement reached between the receivers and the Quinns.

In a sworn document, Mr Kelly said he had bought the laptop from a private seller on a website around four years ago.

He had made several attempts to make it operational after buying it.

He had tried to install operating systems and had run a programme to clean it.

He said he had finally been able to make it work in January this year.  

Until then, he said, no one had used it and no documents had been created on it.

He said around 45,000 documents had been downloaded from the other laptop and USB keys he had provided.

Mr Justice Peter Kelly adjourned the proceedings for a week to allow the receivers time to examine Mr Kelly's explanation.

The receivers also want the Quinns to provide explanations for certain bank transactions.

They also want more people to be allowed examine documents produced by the Quinn family members.