A Spanish student who was hit by a bus five years ago has settled his High Court action for €9m in damages.

Carlos Tesch from Madrid was only 12 when he was hit by a Dublin Bus in Bray, Co Wicklow on 4 February 2009.

Carlos, who was in Ireland learning English, suffered catastrophic head injuries.

He fractured the base of his skull and cannot fully walk or speak.

The court heard he is dependent on others in every aspect of his life.

An earlier court hearing was told that he and a group of friends were on Herbert Road in Bray on 4 February 2009.

They were trying to get away from a group of older Irish boys, who had allegedly previously confronted the students while brandishing hurleys, when Carlos suddenly ran across the road and was hit by a bus.

The Supreme Court ruled two months ago that Dublin Bus was 70% liable for Carlos's injuries.

The case was before the High Court for assessment of damages only.

Ms Justice Mary Irvine was told that the boy's parents, Hans and Mar Tesch, had done everything to make their son's life better and the accident transformed all their lives.

Carlos, who is now 18, has been taken to China twice for stem cell treatment.

Ms Justice Irvine said she was aware from dealing with these cases involving catastrophic injuries what parents give up trying to maximise the situation for their children.

Mr Tesch said before the accident his son could run, play football and enjoy himself with his friends, but now he cannot walk, only taking a few unsteady steps in the apartment, and cannot speak.