The trial of a former Gaelic football coach, on 54 charges of indecently assaulting five boys in the 1980s, has been told by one alleged victim that he was abused by the man in a house in Dublin, the night before he brought him to the All-Ireland semi-final in Croke Park in the mid 1980s. 

He said that the following Saturday night at about 10pm when he was in bed, his mother came into his room and said the trainer was in the kitchen and wanted to bring him to the second semi-final. 

He said he felt upset and anxious but he got up and went with the man who said he would have to stay in his house that night so they could go early in the morning to Dublin. 

He said the man abused him that night and they went to the match the next day.

The witness, the third alleged victim to give evidence in the trial at Sligo Circuit Court, also described being assaulted in the coach's house after a training session one evening and on another occasion before the man brought him to the community games.

He said the first time he was indecently assaulted by the man was in the man's house.

On another occasion he said the man brought him to an under-14 final and afterwards bought biscuits and minerals and drove to an isolated spot beside a lake where he indecently assaulted him.

The witness said that he made a complaint to gardaí in 1997 but nothing happened.

He said he attended a couple of counselling sessions and in 2009 he received a call from a garda and made another statement.