A 14-year-old girl with cerebral palsy has been awarded an interim settlement of €1.5m.

Mary Malee was born at Mayo General Hospital in 1999.

It was alleged that as a result of negligence by the hospital and its agents, she suffered permanent and irreversible brain damage that has caused intellectual and physical deficiencies.

She has a form of cerebral palsy that has been slow in evolution.

Today the case was settled at the High Court.

Mary made a statement to the court, saying: "This shouldn't have happened to me and others like me.

"It would have been appreciated had the HSE/Mayo General Hospital, Castlebar, said they were sorry but at least the payment of the compensation lessens the future financial worries."

The case will return to court in two years when the issue of future care, aids, appliances and equipment, assistive technology and housing adaptations will be dealt with.

The law firm dealing with the case said that by then it hopes legal changes to permit annual index linked payments will have been enacted.