The pilot of a Virgin Australia plane flying from Brisbane to the Indonesian holiday island of Bali reported a hijacking attempt after a passenger tried to enter the cockpit, an Indonesian transport official said.

A Virgin Australia Airlines official said there had not been an attempt to hijack the aircraft but a "flight emergency" after a drunk passenger had tried to enter the cockpit.

An Indonesian air force spokesman said all passengers were unharmed and taken off the aircraft at Denpasar, in Bali.

Earlier, Indonesia's Metro TV cited an Indonesian airforce spokesman as saying the plane had been hijacked.

Indonesian television cited police as saying the passenger who tried to enter the cockpit had been arrested after the plane landed in Bali.

Virgin Australia Airlines, formerly Virgin Blue Airlines, is Australia's second-largest airline.

Heru Sudjatmiko, a Virgin Australia official in Bali said: "What happened was there was a drunk person ... too much alcohol consumption caused him to act aggressively.

"Based on the report I received, the passenger tried to enter the cockpit, through the cockpit door, by banging on the door but he did not enter the cockpit at all."

He said the individual was stopped by crew and handcuffed and placed in a seat at the back of the plane. After landing he was taken off the plane and put under arrest.