Ceann Comhairle Sean Barrett said he will report Independent TD Peter Mathews to the Dáil Committee on Procedures and Privileges after a bitter row in the chamber.

The TD walked across the floor to hand the Minister for Finance Michael Noonan a document, which he said could be used in a banking inquiry.

This sparked bitter exchanges with Government TDs yelling that the TD was not allowed to do this.

Mr Noonan gave the document to an official and said under his breath "put that in the bottom drawer."

Earlier the Independent TD was annoyed after his attempts to ask a question about the banking inquiry were interrupted by the Ceann Comhairle.

Mr Mathews was describing how he was recognised outside the chamber by bankers from PTSB who were attending a Committee hearing.

He was also annoyed that the Minister for Finance said: "Don't be surprised that people recognised you."

The Independent TD said: "That's a great joke."