A doubling of clamping fees for persistent offenders is recommended in a Dublin City Council report which highlights the case of one motorist clamped 62 times in four years.

The report by appeals officer William Keilthy showed that  2,312 cars were clamped more than five times between 2010 and 2013.

One motorist was clamped 62 times or once every three to four weeks for four years.

Mr Keilthy states that current declamp fees are not an effective deterrent and there is an argument for updating the regulations.

 "Cars clamped more than say three times in the previous 12 months could face clamp release fees of €160," he said.

"If that did not work then the Council should have the right to increase this fee further". 

He also points out that the €80 clamp release fees have remained the same since they were introduced in 1998 and would have to be raised to €130 to meet the cost of enforcement which is over €7m.

The more than 14 million motorists who pay for their parking are subsidising the 56,285 clamped motorists to the tune of €50 per clamp, he points out.

The report  also shows that the most clamped street in Dublin remains Merrion Square West in the city centre, followed by Mespil Road in Ballsbridge with Dominick St and Ormond Quay Upper in the North inner city at third and fourth place.