A 39-year old man has been convicted at the Central Criminal Court in Cork of murdering his best friend, after the man told his partner he loved her.

Ciprian Grozavu of Bridge House, Bandon, Co Cork, is already serving a life sentence for murdering another man whom he had told about the killing.

The bodies of John Forrester and Jonathan Duke were dumped in the Bandon River in west Cork in November 2011.

Mr Forrester, 42, was a separated father-of-four from Blackpool in England, who moved to Cork after his relationship with his partner there broke down.

He settled in west Cork where he began a relationship with Catherine O'Connor.

The couple spent several months living together in a flat at Bank House in Bandon.

A few weeks before he was killed, Mr Forrester's relationship with O'Connor broke up and she moved into a flat upstairs in the same building with Grozavu.

On 12 November 2011, all three returned to Mr Forrester's flat at Bank House after spending the day drinking together.

A row broke out when Mr Forrester told O'Connor he still loved her.

Gardaí believe Grozavu strangled Mr Forrester with an item of clothing, while O'Connor stabbed him in the face and neck with a broken Manchester United mug and other crockery.

Mr Forrester's body was trussed up with black cable and a belt from a cardigan before it was rolled up in carpet and dumped in the Bandon River.

It was found three days later, 1.5km downstream.

After deliberating for over four hours, a jury this afternoon found Grozavu guilty of murdering Mr Forrester.

O'Connor has already pleaded guilty to the murder.

Grozavu had claimed she acted alone.

Both are already serving life sentences for the murder of father-of-one, Mr Duke, 27, who was killed because Grozavu and O'Connor had told him the day after the murder that they had killed Mr Forrester.

Gardaí say he was murdered because he knew too much.

Mr Justice Paul Carney sentenced Grozavu to life in prison.