The 'No MakeUp Selfie' initiative for the Irish Cancer Society has now raised more than €550,000, with that figure growing by the hour.

The social media sensation involves people, usually women, posting make-up free "selfies" on their social media page while donating €4 to the Irish Cancer Society by texting Pink to 50300.

It began on Wednesday night and raised over €200,000 in its first 24 hours.

Like Charity, the text donation service that processes the payments, said €550,000 has been raised so far, but this number is increasing by the hour.

John Kyne of Like Charity said it has seen a completely organic people-led initiative that shows the power of mobile and social communications.

He said: "Well the Irish as we all know are the most generous country in the world and this just proves that ... With the bad press that charities have gotten of late this just proves that Irish people still believe in giving to charity and they have shown that in their droves."

Mr Kyne also said that the campaign is ever changing.

He said: "What we're seeing is that it's been hijacked by other groups and hijacked at the minute by men ... They're wearing make-up and they're posting selfies as well and we'll think that'll probably continue in so far as that other groups will get involved.

"So, it started from a seed and it's kind of grown into a big event. It just shows that people are motivated to do something and to come together and they can really make a big difference for charities."