A strike planned for tomorrow at the Tyndall research institute in Cork and at University College Cork has been called off, following intervention by the Labour Relations Commission.

The decision was announced following general meetings of members of the Irish Federation of University Teachers and SIPTU at both facilities.

The Tyndall Institute is one of University College Cork's main research centres and around 100 researchers who work at Tyndall are seeking pay parity with colleagues doing the same work at UCC.

The Tyndall researchers say they are currently being paid up to a third less than colleagues at the college.

Director of Conciliation Services at the Labour Relations Commission Kevin Foley had invited the parties to the dispute to talks in Dublin yesterday.

At the talks it was agreed that a comparative study of pay rates between the Tyndall Institute and UCC would be undertaken.

It was also agreed that any measures to address discrepancies highlighted by the study would not be regarded as a breach of national agreements.

If the dispute is not resolved within six weeks, it will be referred to the Labour Court for a ruling which will be binding on all parties.

The planned strike would most likely have halted activities at the college for the 20,000 students there.

SIPTU and IFUT have more than 2,000 members between them at Tyndall and UCC.