At least 49 people have died in bomb attacks in Iraq, police and hospital sources have said.

Bombs exploded in predominantly Shia Muslim districts of Baghdad and in the southern city of Hilla.

The deadliest attacks occurred in and around Hilla, 100km south of Baghdad.

Seven car bomb explosions there killed 35 people inside the city itself and in the nearby towns of Haswa, Mahaweel and Mussayab.

A further 90 people were wounded in the blasts.

Fourteen more people were killed in explosions in mainly Shia districts of Baghdad.

In one of those, a bomb inside a parked vehicle exploded near a bus station in the Bayaa district, killing five people, sources said.

There were also blasts in the Amil, Ilam and Shurta districts.

No group immediately claimed responsibility for any of the attacks.

However, Shias are often targeted by Sunni Islamist insurgents who have been regaining ground in Iraq over the past year and overran several towns in recent weeks.

Last year was Iraq's bloodiest since sectarian bloodshed began to abate in 2008.