A housing association that purchased 60 apartments in the Gallery Quay development in Dublin Docklands has initiated a number of legal actions due to widespread problems with dampness and water ingress.

Tuath Housing Association says there have been problems for some years but they have been made worse by the last two months of bad weather.

The association paid €15m for the apartments in Block 17 of the development in Macken Street eight years ago. 

Since last Monday their own contractors have been on site carrying out remedial and surveying work to deal with the most acute problems and to estimate the extent of works needed.

One resident has had to leave her apartment and a handful of others may also have to be temporarily accommodated elsewhere while the work is ongoing but the association expects the majority of residents will remain in their homes.

Chief executive of Tuath Sean O' Connor said there are no fire risks in the building but there are serious defects they need to deal with.  

He said delays by those who developed and built the complex have left them with no choice but to begin the works themselves for the sake of their tenants while  also pursuing legal action in the courts. 

The legal actions have been complicated because the developer and architects involved no longer exist. 

He also said they are seeking funding from the Department of the Environment to help them pay for work being carried out and  to help with their legal actions.