German prosecutors have charged ten people with negligent manslaughter and causing bodily harm over the 2010 Love Parade stampede in which 21 people were killed.

Those charged are four staff of the techno music festival organiser Lopavent and six members of the administration of the western city of Duisburg, said the city's chief prosecutor Horst Bien.

"An event where people wanted to party, dance, have fun turned into a terrible tragedy," Mr Bien told a press conference.

"21 people had to die, hundreds were injured.

"The victims, their relatives and the bereaved are still suffering today because of the traumatic events."

In the tragedy on 24 July 2010, a large crowd of revellers at one of Europe's top techno events was forced to go through a narrow tunnel that served as the only entrance and exit to the festival grounds in the industrial city.

Thirteen women and eight men were killed after being crushed, trampled to death or suffocated, including seven foreigners, from Australia, Italy, the Netherlands, China, Bosnia and Spain.

More than 500 people were injured.