Galway City Councillors have voted to remove plans for a controversial bus corridor from the City Development Plan.

Residents' groups and environmental campaigners had been critical of the proposal to put a route through Merlin Woods, on the east side of the city.

They expressed concerns about the social and environmental issues that the bus corridor could cause.

The proposed road had been in the development plan for some years.

It formed part of the current document, which Councillors approved in 2011.

Galway City Council says the decision by elected representatives to omit the inclusion of a Quality Bus Corridor (QBC) will have implications for transport, particularly on the eastern fringes of the city.

The Councillors' decision will lead to a process examining the consequences of the exclusion of the QBC.

This will take several months to complete.

While the bus corridor formed part of two successive development plans, there were no immediate plans to construct the route and no overall timeframe for the proposal.