A Dublin man has been sentenced to life in prison after pleading guilty to the murder of a man whose body was found in a wardrobe in 2012.

Christopher Jackson was stabbed to death in his Dublin flat almost two years ago on 7 September.

Bernard Locke, 41, from Ramillies Road in Ballyfermot pleaded guilty to the murder of Mr Jackson, 53, two weeks ago.

Conor Devally SC, prosecuting, confirmed with Detective Garda Michael Donlon that Mr Locke had pleaded guilty to a single count of murder.

Mr Devally went on to confirm that Locke had conceded that he was guilty immediately after he was arrested.

"Mr Jackson's body was discovered in his own flat on Prussia Street wrapped in duvet covers," said Mr Devally.

"Mr Jackson had been the subject of multiple stabbings. Bernard Locke conceded he was guilty of the killing immediately upon arrest."

He added: "In six garda interviews, he accepted responsibility that he had descended to the lower flat and had stabbed Mr Jackson through the heart severing a rather significant artery."

A victim impact statement was delivered by Mr Devally on behalf of Mr Jackson's daughter, Nadine Clifford.

He said that Ms Clifford felt she had been robbed of a father.

"I feel Bernard Locke robbed me of my father. Dad will miss out on my wedding and any children I may have. I will have to attend some form of counselling and will never have full closure."

“It was two days after my 21st birthday when I heard - I don't celebrate it anymore," according to her statement.

"While I feel some comfort that he (Bernard Locke) was man enough to admit to the crime, he will eventually be released from prison while my father is in the grave."

Aileen Donnelly SC, for defence of Locke, said the accused had hoped that his guilty plea would be accepted as remorse.