A university student stole computers from his college because he wanted to design a computer game called 'Angry Pigs' to rival the popular 'Angry Birds' game, a court has heard.

Femi Adekele, 25, and his accomplice jumped out of a window to escape security guards.

He broke his leg in the process and his friend left him in a bush on college grounds for 12 hours overnight.

Dublin Circuit Criminal Court heard that the accomplice returned to the bush the next day with a wheelbarrow to take Adekele away.

He abandoned the "farcical" rescue operation when security guards spotted and stopped Adekele in the wheelbarrow.

Adekele of The Maiston, Ballymun pleaded guilty to attempted burglary and burglary at Dublin City University, Glasnevin Avenue, Dublin on 1 December and 22 December, 2012.

Judge Martin Nolan said that Adekele's crime led to a "comical situation".

He noted that Adekele has a good history of employment and no previous convictions.

He suspended a sentence of two years.

Garda Brendan Casey told Anne Marie Lawlor BL, prosecuting, that on the night of 22 December the two thieves were caught in the act of stealing computer equipment from a computer lab.

Adekele had brought a bolt cutters and a long knife with him in order to cut the cables securing the computers.

The men had filled two large shopping bags with Apple computers and keyboards when security guards walked into the lab.

The burglars then jumped out of an upstairs window.

After his arrest, Adekele was linked to another attempted burglary on the computer lab earlier that month.

Pieter Le Vert BL, defending, said the client's crimes ended in a "farcical conclusion".

He said Adekele had not worn any disguise and had documents with his name on them in a shoulder bag that he had on the night.

After his arrest, the student told gardaí he needed the computers because he wanted to develop a computer game app called 'Angry Pigs' to rival the popular smartphone game 'Angry Birds'.

Counsel said his client had planned to make his fortune from this game.

He said Adekele was born in Nigeria but is now an Irish citizen, having lived here for ten years.

He was in the middle of studying for a Masters degree at the university when he carried out the burglary. This has not been completed.

The court heard that he worked while studying for his undergraduate in engineering. He has worked as a kitchen porter and in the ESB. 

Mr Le Vert added that his client has brought great shame on his family.