Work has begun on the construction of a new €35m Cork Prison on the grounds of the existing facility in the city.

However, many locals say the new facility will directly affect the quality of their lives.

Slopping out every morning is a way of life for prisoners at Cork Prison, as there are no toilet facilities in any of the cells.

The widely condemned practice will come to an end within 18 months when the new prison is completed.

The project represents the largest investment in infrastructure by the Irish Prison Service and the prison will have room for 275 prisoners.

While there will still be two prisoners to a cell, all cells will have showers and toilets.

The prison is being built under legislation that bypasses the normal planning procedure.

Locals in the highly built-up area on Cork's northside say their concerns about light and privacy have not been listened to.

However, the Irish Prison Service insists the impact will be minimal and construction, with some minor modifications, will go ahead as planned with a completion date in July 2015.