Six allegations against a doctor accused of misconduct have been withdrawn at a fitness to practise inquiry, however he still faces five charges.

Dr A appeared at the Medical Council inquiry for a second day after a 20-year-old Tallaght woman died a day after he saw her.

Vicki Core attended the doctor on 30 June 2007 and was diagnosed with gastric flu.

She later collapsed at home and was taken to Tallaght Hospital where she suffered a cardiac arrest. She died the following day.

A post mortem found she died of community acquired pneumonia.

The six allegations of misconduct against Dr A were withdrawn by the Medical Council's chief executive.

Neasa Bird for the CEO told the hearing the allegations withdrawn were:

- Failing to procure complete medical history
- Failing to consult specialised practitioners
- Failing to consider blood test results obtained from another doctor
- Failing to refer to hospital
- Failing to maintain records
- Making retrospective changes to records

The move followed cross-examination of the Medical Council’s expert witness Dr Donal Buckley by counsel for Dr A earlier today.

The doctor still faces charges of failing to carry out an appropriate examination, failing to consider serious diagnoses, failing to give adequate consideration to her symptoms and failing to arrange a follow-up consultation.

His counsel Ciaran Craven said he wished to make an application to strike out the inquiry, however after deliberation, the committee refused the application to dismiss.

Mr Craven said Dr A intended to fight the remaining allegations which he does not accept, and will use expert evidence to refute them.  

He said he will require another day to present the defence and so the committee chairman adjourned the inquiry until 17 February. 

Dr Buckley was earlier questioned about additions to patient records and the standard required from doctors.

The Fitness to Practise Committee of the Medical Council has asked that the doctor not be identified and only be referred to as Dr A.