The mother of an Irishwoman who has been forced to quit treatment in the US because her family is running out of money has said the situation is a nightmare.

Mary Philbin was diagnosed with a very rare malignant tumour in her throat in 2005.

The 27-year-old underwent radio and chemotherapy in Ireland to treat the cancer, but was left with severe side effects including problems with her breathing.

She is unable to eat solid food.

Ms Philbin has had two surgeries since arriving in North Carolina last November, which have helped with breathing problems.

She now requires a final round of surgery that may enable her to eat soft foods in the future.

Her family has raised funds in order to pay for treatment as there was no funding available from the Health Service Executive.

Her mother Eileen told RTÉ’s News At One that the family are unsure how they will pay for further treatment.

"Needless to say her quality of life over the last eight-and-a-half years has been very much compromised by the side effects.

"People have been really good and they've been doing all kinds of little fundraisers to bring in the funds.

"However to be quite honest funds are running pretty low at the moment and after the next surgery funds will be pretty much gone."

The Mary Philbin Fund: Bank of Ireland, Manorhamilton.
Account number: 18987405.
Sort Code: 905408.