A 39-year-old Dublin man has been convicted for his part in the kidnapping of a Securicor worker and his family, and the robbery of €2.2m.

Jason Kavanagh of Corduff Avenue in Blanchardstown had denied the charges.

The jury is considering verdicts on his two co-accused; 66-year-old Christopher Corcoran of Bayside Boulevard in Sutton and Mark Farrelly, 42, of Moatview Court, Priorswood in Coolock.

The three were accused of falsely imprisoning Paul Richardson at Ashcroft, Raheny, Dublin on the night of 13-14 March in 2005 and of falsely imprisoning Marie, Ian and Kevin Richardson on the same dates.

They were also charged with the robbery of €2.2m in cash from Mr Richardson and Securicor Security Services Ireland Ltd.

A fourth man, Alan Costello of Cromcastle Road in Coolock, who was accused of being a driver for the gang has already been acquitted.

Mrs Richardson and her sons were held overnight at gunpoint in the Dublin Mountains, while her husband was forced to go to work and deliver cash to a drop-off point.

The prosecution said Kavanagh could be linked to the crime through mobile phone use and through DNA found on a pillowcase used as a makeshift balaclava.

Prosecuting lawyers also said his physical description matched the description given by Mr Richardson of an overweight man who had been heard snoring upstairs while Mr Richardson was being held overnight.