An Irish nanny who is charged with murdering a child in her care in the United States did not appear at a scheduled court hearing in Boston today.

Aisling Brady McCarthy is charged with murdering one-year-old girl Rhema Sabir in January.

Ms Brady McCarthy, who is originally from Co Cavan but has been living in America for about 13 years, denies the charges against her.

Judge S Jane Hegarty in Middlesex Superior Court heard a long series of motions filed by defence lawyer Melinda Thompson, seeking access to evidence, reports and records in the case.

Assistant District Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald conceded many of the requests, saying that his office would share records and access to evidence in their procession, as required by law.

There was a request for access to all computer, phone and email records and data in the custody of investigators.

Judge Hegarty displayed frustration with the prosecutor's inability to commit to a schedule for delivery of evidence.

The judge said that she wants to "keep on track for the scheduled trial date", which is set for 7 April next year.

She added: "Ms McCarthy will be in custody for a long time by then".

A hearing has been scheduled for 27 November in the motion granting the defence access to the entire contents of the Sabir family's laptop computer.