A 55-year old doctor has gone on trial at the Circuit Criminal Court in Cork charged with indecently assaulting a 15-year-old girl.

Dr Kevin Mulcahy, of Creggane, Lombardstown, Mallow, Co Cork, denies the offence, which is alleged to have occurred 24 years ago.

The victim told the court that Dr Mulcahy touched her inappropriately while he was examining her at her home in North Cork.

Dr Mulcahy said he had no recollection of conducting an examination on the woman, who is now aged in her late 30s. 

The victim told the court Dr Mulcahy became her mother's GP in the second half of 1989, at a time when her mother was seriously ill.

She said Dr Mulcahy would come to the family home several times each week.

On one occasion, two days before Christmas, she said she was feeling unwell herself with a head cold or a chest infection.

She went with Dr Mulcahy to her bedroom where they were alone.

The door of the bedroom was closed, but she could not recollect if it was locked.

She said after Dr Mulcahy examined her for the cold, he conducted a breast examination on her, to which she consented.

She said he then touched her inappropriately outside her clothing.

She said she did not tell her mother at the time because there was so much happening in the house and she did not want to add to the stress and strain.

She said she did not know what to think afterwards, because this was "a totally new scenario" to her.

The woman said she attended Dr Mulcahy on one further occasion as a patient but he then ceased to be her GP and she made a complaint to gardaí in October, 2010.

She denied in cross examination that she was mistaken in her recollection.

Dr Mulcahy said on several occasions during his evidence that he had no recollection of conducting an examination on the woman.

He said he had seen hundreds of thousands of patients over many years and he had no idea how he was supposed to remember what happened two days before Christmas in 1989.

"As far as I'm concerned, it didn't happen", he said.

Dr Mulcahy's wife, Bernadette, who practised reflexology, also gave evidence of attending the alleged victim's mother at the time.