A Longford pig farmer who falsely imprisoned and assaulted two men who came to his farm to repossess a generator has been sentenced to 12 months in jail. 

Donal Connaughton from Elfeet, Newtowncashel was found guilty of exposing the two men to a frightening ordeal.

Judge Tony Hunt said it was entirely inappropriate for them to be sent by their employer on some sort of robbing commission which was going to lead to an overreaction by a farmer in only a matter of time. 

Judge Tony Hunt said the two repossession agents had serious cause for complaint against their employers. 

Mr Connaughton was entitled to react badly to their presence on his farm but he overreacted and was not entitled to assault or harm them.

Before sentencing, Mr Connaughton said in a statement that he was expressing regret.

He said he truly wished what happened did not take place. 

The judge said while the expression of regret was welcome it was very late on to be saying it. 

The court was told that after been found guilty last year Mr Connaughton had alleged on several occasions there had been jury tampering in his trial.

The gardaí had carried out several investigations and interviewed some members of the Jury before sending a file to the Director of Prosecutions who decided on each occasion that no prosecution should take place.