A 25-year-old woman found in a distressed state in Dublin last month is on her way home to Australia.

It is understood that Samantha Azzopardi asked to go home and gardaí are facilitating her request.

She is being accompanied by gardaí and will be met by members of her family in Australia.

Ms Azzopardi, who had been described as being very vulnerable, had been in the care of the Health Service Executive since she was found by gardaí on 10 October.

Gardaí and the HSE believed she was a teenage girl and had possibly been the victim of trafficking.

But after a photo was released on Tuesday, she was identified as an Australian citizen who had been staying with relatives in Co Tipperary.

Earlier, the High Court was told a psychiatrist had carried out a very comprehensive assessment on Ms Azzopardi yesterday.

He had concluded that she was not suffering from a mental disorder under the Mental Health Act and no order was required from the court under that act.

But he concluded she was suffering from a mental condition that makes her very vulnerable.

Senior Counsel Tim O'Leary for the HSE said they were happy for her to stay in her current location for the moment. 

He said supports were in place and she would continue to be monitored by adult psychiatric services.

Mr Justice George Birmingham said the result of the photo being published was surprising and shocking.

He said the case had now run its course and it was for the adult services of the HSE to assist this "very vulnerable individual".